Africa Day is marked on the 25th May each year. The Organization of Africa Unity (OAU) was formed on the 25th of May, 1963 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. This was as a result of two-thirds of the countries on the continent gaining independence from imperial European states. The essence of its formation was to unify the continent. In the year 2002, Organization of Africa Union (OAU) was replaced by Africa Union (AU).
Writer and Poet, Nana Fredua-Agyeman Jnr. has an inspiring piece to share with the entire continent to mark this year’s fifty-fifth (55th) anniversary of the celebration of the Africa Union Day (Africa Day). He personifies the continent blending it with an interactive style of literary writing. The poem titled “Papa Africa” is a fusion of the shortcomings, recuperation, hope and empowerment of Africa.
Read the poem below:




Your household was invaded due to your naivety
However time has allowed you strategize
Maintaining a highly commendable integrity
For this reason; it is you we will forever eulogize
As head of your melanin identifiable clan you have upheld your culture
Asserting authority through your means of nurture
This undoubtedly is your unique feature
Home-grooming all your offsprings as their first teacher

Your reputation is unflinching in every geographical location
Your outfit is distinct no matter the occasion
The world looks with astonishment as you majestically take your seat
In a world crippled by the effect of others; you still stand on your feet

You listen attentively and respond appropriately with respect
Playing the game by your own rules and not what they expect
Threats of aid withdrawal and donations do not make you bend
Your decisions are based on the best interest of your people and not the prevalent trend

Even though the past was gloomy, your love overshadows all
Making you vertically noticeable as you stand tall
Reconciling with your oppressor makes you a victor
Telling your story on a canvas like a pictor

Little is known of you as your identity is kept sacred
Empowering and loving your woman devoid of hatred
A solid backbone you are indeed
Not only habouring great values but exhibiting it in deed
The anticipation of your vision for unity was distorted
Though delayed we have reconverged
Stronger than ever although we never retorted
Our bond is now cemented years after we diverged

You want nothing back because you are blessed with more
Your generosity is intact regardless of your resources
Exploring all avenues on a world tour
Competing on all race courses

Your humility should not be construed as timidity
Gentle, yet robust in muscle and mentally tough
Just like the precious minerals in your land; you’re a commodity
It is now time to show the world what you’re made of

Don’t let the struggle of Nkrumah, Selassie and Mandela;
The values of Nyerere, Azikwe and Kenyatta;
The bravery of Machel, Kaunda and Amin;
Nor the blood of Lumumba, Sankara and Gaddafi be dissipated
Arise Papa Africa! Arise!




Written by: Nana Fredua-Agyeman Jnr.