B.B. King’s Daughters Hire Lawyer In Trayvon Martin Case


Atty. Benjamin Crump, known for his involvement in the Trayvon Martin and the police shooting in Ferguson cases, has been brought in by the daughters of late blues legend B.B. King to investigate the circumstances of his death and finances, the APreports.

Four daughters allege that LaVerne Toney, King’s business manager and executor in his will, moved over a million dollars from King’s different bank accounts, denied family members the right to visit the ailing musician as well as the ability for him to have adequate healthcare by acting as power-of-attorney. Toney has since denied these accusations and claims that she acted on “his wishes.” King died at the age of 89 on May 14.

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Crump will be conducting an independent investigation to address the alleged accusation against Toney. He will also determine if a second will exists. He makes clear that the intent isn’t to place blame on Toney, but to simply gather all of the facts.

“They’re not being accusatory.They just want to find out the truth of all that happened with their father,” said Crump of of King’s daughters Patty King and Karen Williams.

Atty. Brent Bryson who represents the Estate of B.B. King and Toney believes that it does not matter who is brought in and that all of the claims will be proven false. “The allegations against Ms. Toney are absolutely false and without merit, and we look forward to our day in court,” said Bryson. “The facts of the case are not going to change based on who they bring in to present the case.”

The 11 surviving children of King and a five-member family board are being represented by Attorney Larissa Drohobyczer. It is said that King’s estate is worth somewhere between $5 million and $10 million.

The hearing is scheduled to take place on June 25.