Ghana TV licence fee hike


Ghana will be resuming the collection of TV licence fees from August – with a huge hike in the price.

It was suspended in 2010 after difficulties in organising the collection as officers used to walk up from door to door gathering the one US cent annual fee. Now domestic TV users with one set will have to pay about $9 (£5) annually – and those with more than two TV sets will pay $15 every year.

There is now a plan to register people by linking up with TV sellers as from next year people will have to have digital televisions to get a signal.

Seventy-two percent of money collected will go to the state broadcaster, the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC) and 15% to the private broadcasters.

The announcement has caused a stir on social media with many saying they are not impressed by GBC’s current output and see no justification for paying the tax, which people now have to pay at banks or post offices as well as through commissioned agents.


Source: Sammy Darko/ BBC