J Hus performs with Drake after jail term for carrying knife


J Hus made a surprise appearance on stage with Drake at London’s O2, four months after being jailed for carrying a knife.

The rapper was sentenced to eight months behind bars in December after he was caught with the weapon at Westfield Shopping Centre in east London.

He’s served less than half of that.

“We’re about to celebrate one of our brothers tonight”, Drake told the crowd, before the words “welcome home” appeared on the stage floor.

“I’ve missed you so much, I swear I missed you so much,” said J Hus as he joined Drake on stage.

“I waited for this all week so I could give you this stage so you can do exactly what you’ve been waiting to do,” said Drake.

The day after the performance, J Hus shared a video thanking Drake and showing parts of the show and footage of him reuniting with friends.

It is not yet known when J Hus was released from prison – but it has been suggested it may have been the same day as the O2 performance.

However, some people have questioned whether J Hus should be “celebrated” following numerous stabbings in the UK this year.