Teachers to cut back teaching hours


Members of the Coalition of Concerned teachers are to reduce contact time with their students by 2 hours in protest of the scrapping of teacher motivation allowance.

The motivation allowance is levied on students and serves as an incentive for teachers.

But the policy has now been scrapped and will not be charged from next academic year.

The coalition says the decision was a hasty one and ill-informed.

General Secretary of the Coalition Raymond Boakye Darkwah told Starr News the decision will affect academic work.

“This decision to pay motivation fee was not started by the government, indeed it was started by the parents themselves. We complained about the challenges we go through to do the extra hours in the classroom.

“According to the GES time, a teacher goes to school at 8am and closes at 1:30pm but we stay and do additional 2 hours for just GHC10. And this is what government is making noise about. Definitely we will also take away that 2 hours from our teaching time,” he fumed.


Source: Starr fm