Uganda records rising crime rates


Police in Uganda have released the first annual crime report in three years, showing a 3.3% increase in the crime rate across the country.

It says over 25,000 cases were reported in 2017, compared to over 24,000 the previous year.

There was an increase in violent crimes such as homicides as well as domestic and gender-based violence.

The report comes amidst a wave of kidnappings and killings for ransom, and especially of women, causing national concern.

More than 200 kidnappings were recorded by the police in 2017.

Though comprehensive figures for 2018 have not been officially released, there has already been more than 40 similar cases reported this year.

There is also a trend of transnational human trafficking, with 123 cases recorded in 2017 compared to 84 the year before.

The report also noted increasing incidents of Ugandans being trafficked to the Middle East, on the promise of domestic work.























Source: BBC