Anthony Joshua defeats Carlos Takam to retain IBF world heavyweight title + (pictures)


Anthony Joshua had predicted it would take him 10 rounds to break down Carlos the Parisian jackal with a cement head.

So it proved. Although the defeated Monsieur Takam was not alone in complaining that AJ had not been allowed to finish the job.

The unheralded Afro-Frenchman was bleeding from cuts above both eyes as Joshua unloaded in the 10th round under the roof of Cardiff’s Principality Stadium.

But Takam was still ducking, weaving and throwing back the occasional punch when referee Phil Edwards called a halt.

The 20th straight knock-out. Another victory hammered out on a night of blood and thrills.

Still the heavyweight champion of the world.

But when this gallant challenger threw down the gauntlet again by demanding a rematch, AJ’s army cheered as lustily for him as for the man they had turned out in such numbers as to smash the attendance record for this hallowed Welsh ground.

Joshua told them: ‘For all of you who wanted to see him unconscious on the floor, it was unfortunate that the referee stopped the fight. But that wasn’t my decision. I did my job and it was a good fight.’

It was also more gruelling than it really should have been and he will need to seal up the holes in his defence before he goes for giants who carry nuclear power in their fists.

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