Birdman Hit With Lawsuit Over His Contract With Drake


Birdman officially has yet another lawsuit being tied to his name.

James Prince, the CEO of Rap-A-Lot Records, previously stated that he’d do everything he can to ensure that Birdman pays up what he owes both to his company and to Lil Wayne alike. It now appears as though his son, Jas Prince, is officially taking action, filing a new lawsuit going after the Cash Money boss for a massive issue regarding a previous contract with Drake.

As reported by TMZ, Jas discovered the young 6 God, getting him his original deal with Cash Money, and because of this, Drake’s Young Money contract requires Jas and his management company, Aspire Music Group, both to get paid by Birdman.

According to reports, Birdman has allegedly failed to pay Aspire Music their entitled one-third of Drake’s profits, with the suit also claiming that Drake’s new contract breaches his original one. The bottom line? This time around, Birdman reportedly owes Aspire roughly $4 million.

Jas Prince, who previously reached a settlement of $11 million with Cash Money over a similar situation, is claiming he has not been receiving the money he’s entitled for the last four years, resulting in this new suit being filed.

This time around, the Prince family has lawyered up with Marc Kasowitz, one of the same attornys who reps President Trump, further proving that they aren’t playing around and likely won’t be settling out of court again.

At the time of this report, Birdman has yet to offer a statement regarding this new lawsuit.





Source: BET