‘Chaos’ in Parliament as minority wins vote to stop Eurobond issue (Audio)


The majority in Parliament  on Tuesday lost a crucial vote that sought approval for Government to issue another  Eurobond. A motion by the Finance Minister, Seth Terkper, asking for the approval lost by one vote, after 67 MPs voted against the motion, whilst 66 voted in favour of it. The  situation compelled the First Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Barton Oduro, to turn to Constitutional provisions to save the day. In a swift move, Mr. Barton Oduro annulled the vote, and ruled that the House did not have quorum to have taken the vote in the first place. His intervention triggered a new wave of Minority anger, and sparked fresh acrimony between Majority and Minority MPs.

The level of disorder generated by the Chair’s decision forced suspension of proceedings in the House. Parliament needs at least half of the total of 275 MPs to make a vote on a matter legitimate.


Source: Citifmonline