Ghanaians are not interested in Free SHS program – Youth Empowerment


The Youth empowerment has bewailed that the timing of the wholesale implementation of the Free Senior High School program is not in the National interest.

President of the group, Clement Adjei Sarfo urged the ministry of education to reevaluate the wholesale implementation and the current arrangement to tailor the whole package to fit National interest.

The Convener for Youth empowerment Clement Adjei Sarfo, Speaking at a Press conference said government do not need to pay for the full cost of free education.

”It’s a responsibility for every parent to take care of his/her child education, why government at all cost trying to deny parents their God-given responsibilities, dignity and privilege.

”The government focus should be on building a great and strong economy where cost of living can be reduced in order to enhance the economic well-being of every citizen.’’

He continued ”There is an urgent need for reliable and sustainable sources of funding for the Free SHS program. We cannot afford to embark on a sensitive national development program like free SHS policy without thinking twice about it sources of founding’’.

“We need a national vision and not the mere fulfillment of a party Manifesto promise”.

According to Mr. Clement, the wholesale implementation of Free SHS program might be another avenue for corruption in the country.

The Free SHS program is mostly going to threaten the fortune of private Senior High Schools which are already collapsed’’.

”The private institutions equally employ a huge number of teaching and non-teaching staff and any action that threatens their success is a major threat to employees in these Private schools.

They however called on government to reconsider the implementation of Free Senior High school policy.





Source:  abusuafmonline